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2010.12.27 Largest-ever collaborative project: Pullip x VOCALOID
We’d like to announce;
A NEW COLLABORATION “Pullip X VOCALOID” Debut on April, 2011!!!

Visitors, who went to “Doll Carnival 2010″ in November, already saw the display samples.
But this might be the very first time for most of the people……

April 2011: Three VOCALOID Dolls will be released at the same time!

1. Pullip / Hatsune Miku
Waving twin- tailed emerald green hair ~ Miku doll debuts on stage.
2. Dal / Kagamine Rin
3. Dal / Kagamine Len
Do not miss the cute performance of Rin and Len !
Reservations of orders starts at the beginning of next year at every place where to buy Pullip.

все, стопудово поселится у меня, уже бегу копить хд ну, если не совсем страшненькаz будет .___."

On display were Pullip Miku Hatsune, Pullip Megurine Luka, Dals Rin & Len, Taeyang Kaito or Kamui.
Еще Кайто и Люка и Гакупоооо **
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